01 avril 2019

Blog of Australia 

The Outback and a dingo:

The Outback located beyond the bush and he's as big as two thirds of Europe. We have taken the train (The Ghan) to cross the Outback and we have seen many meteorite craters. The Outback has no precise location. There have been many animals in the Outback as camels, kangoroos, snake and dingo.The dingo is a savage dog who is from East Asia.The dingo's three main coat colours are: light ginger or tan, black and tan, or creamy white. He is about 50 centimeters tall. When we have taken the train, we have seen dingos.

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 Picture of                                                         a dingo. 

                                                            the                                                              outback                                                    and the "ghan".





Life of kylie minogue:

kylie minogue is an actress and singer. She was born in may 1968 in Melbourne, in Australia. Kylie has been recognised with several honorific nicknames most notably the "Princess of pop". kylie has worked and lived in the United Kingdom.She was dignosticad with breast cancer at age 36 in may 2005.She made 24 albums. She participed in the movie the red mill and full of others. In 2017, while she was witch Joshua Sasse twenty years younger than she, she finally announces their separation. Today kylie minogue is 50 years hold and she has no children. kylie minogue

 Dialogue with kylie:

"Hello kylie! Can we ask you a few questions?"

"Hello! Yes, you can."

"Have you just been a singer so far."

"No, i have never been only a singer, i played in movies and participed in some tv shows".

"Cool! What is your most famous music?"

"Get you out of my head, that made almost1 billion views is i think very well known."

"It's great it's timo to leave, thank you very much Kylie for this moment."

"Your welcome, bye!"

The netball:

His development, derived from basketball, was debited in England in the years 1890. From 1960 the international netball Federation is created. Netball is a collective sport between two teams of seven players in a stadium. Netball is a bit like basketball, but it's normally played by girls. The object is to score goals from within a defined area, by throwing a ball into a ring attached to a 3.05 metres high post.Netball is very popular in Commonwealth countries, specifically at school.The World Cup of netball that takes place every four years takes place in Sidney

We haven't practice netball because our stay was too short.

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 Our experience:

During our stay in Australia we started through the outback by taking the train (the Ghan). We have seen all the animals that live there especially the dingos. We stopped to be able to take pictures and touch them.Then in the end our trip we met Kylie Minogue with whom we talked about her career. We had always wanted to see a game of netball that is why we have to attend a game of netball a few days before going back to France. To see this game has made us want to practice this sport but unfortunately there is not this sport in France. During this stay we also visited full of big city like Sydney and Canberra. We met a lot of celebrities particular Kylie Minogue. We have made a lot of activities, surfing, jet ski and scuba diving.






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